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2nd Floor - Rigga Business Centre
Besides IBIS Hotel
Al Rigga Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The Ophthalmology department at Amber offers an array of medical and surgical treatments for various eye diseasesincluding glaucoma and retinopathy which result due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Amber also offers eye careservices to paediatric patients.Consultation related services.


Our Services:

• General ophthalmology services

• Screening and managing refractoryerrors

• Amblyopia management

• Ocular surface related diseasesdiagnosis and management

• Cataract screening, staging andtheir surgical management

• Glaucoma screening, diagnosis,medical and surgical management

• Diabetic retinopathy screening,staging and management

• Age related macular Degenerationmanagement

• Minor oculoplasty procedures

• Eye trauma and emergency care

• Lasik counselling & refractory surgery

• Uvea diseases and their diagnosisand management

• Paediatric eye evaluation andscreening for congenital disorders

• Squint evaluation

• Contact lens clinic

• Neuro ophthalmology screening andmanagement

• Lacrimal sac related diseasesdiagnosis and surgical management

• Cornea disease management

• Thyroid related eye diseasemanagement

• Colour vision assessment

• Eye fitness certification foremployment, driving etc.Procedure related services

• Schirmer’s test

• Corneal scraping for microbiology &culture

• Sidel’s test

• Lacrimal sac and NLD syringing

• NLD probing

• Puntal dilation and occlusion

• Tonometry (contact andnon-contact)

• Autorefractometry• Gonioscopy

• 78 D / 90D fundus examination

• 20D indirect ophthalmoscopy

• Computerized Visual Field Analysis(Perimetry)

• 3-Mirror Examination of Retina

• Provocative tests for glaucoma

• Subconjuctival Therapy

• Biopsy of lid, conjunctival lesions

• Minor surgical OP procedures oflids, FB removal, suturing, etc.